Sunday, February 14, 2010


So Lu and I went for a ride today to celebrate her birthday. Out to Ft. Ord for a nice, easy ride.

After a few miles I went to my back brakes for some slow and whoa. The handle went to the bars with little slow and definitely no whoa. I suddenly remembered my last ride on Friday. One of the pads had come loose. I made a mental note to fix it when I got home. Mental is the key word here. If I don't write it down these days, it didn't happen. didn't happen.

Cut to today. I adjusted the pad and managed to twist it such that it was in place and secure. Off we went.

At about 6 miles I felt like I was peddling a serious uphill. I mean, it was painful. I chalked it up to dead legs from my heavy workout pace this last week. I put in a lot of miles and time in the gym. I am retired now after all.

Then we got to The Hill. It's a leg breaker. Normally not a real problem but today I barely made it up in granny gear and suffered the whole way. I was in the pain cave big time. By the time I crested the hill, well back from Lu who dropped me like a handful of slug, I was cooked. Done.

We made it back to the truck but that was it. I was badly disappointed but figured it was just one of those days. I put the bikes in the rack and as I put mine on I brushed the rear wheel with my arm. Can you guess what I discovered? You can? I knew you were smart.

Yup. When I twisted the pad tight, the tightness was the pad being wedged against the rear wheel. It wouldn't turn with mild pressure. I had to give it some muscle to even get it to spin at all.

So at least I didn't bonk because I'm a wuss. Just a moron.



Sew Bee It said...

No, no, no!

You tightened the brake on purpose so that Mom would feel that she was doing well on her birthday!

Come on now, we all know the truth:)

The Six said...

Yeah, that's the ticket!