Friday, March 27, 2009

A Tribute to the Fallen

They buried 4 of my brothers in Oakland today. 4 men I never met but knew oh so well.

I see fatherless children.
I see bereaved widows.
I see parents without a beloved son.
I see grandchildren who will never know the men who should have bounced them on a knee.
I see crying brothers and sisters.
I see an empty patrol car.
I see a riderless motorcycle.
I see a somber roll call.
I see a wide eyed rookie, suddenly uncertain.
I see an empty uniform.
I see tears in the eyes of men and women unused to crying.
I see 4 fewer guardians.

To The Everlasting Glory of the Oakland Police Department
Shines the Name
Shines the Name of

Sergeant Mark Dunakin

Sergeant Ervine Romans

Sergeant Dan Sakai

Officer John Hege

Rest in Peace my brothers.


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