Friday, March 20, 2009

A Quick Note

Sorry I haven't posted anything nthis week but I've been in an instructor class that really kicked my butt. I had homework and everything. Plus, the course was hard enough that I wasn't sleeping. Lying there every night with visions of disaster screaming through my head. Have I ever mentioned I'm a pessimist at heart? No?

Well I am.

The class is done, thank ghu, but I'm still trying to recover. I'll post something slightly more interesting this weekend, I promise.

But only slightly. I do have standards to live up to after all.



Doohickie said...

You mean "to live down to".

;- P

Doohickie said...

Dude. How do you have 5 followers after just a a handful of posts? I have two blogs and a total of three followers (and I think one of them is my wife, twice).

You suck.

Just sayin'.

The Six said...

I beg better than you do Doohickie. You have to be more pitiful puppy like. Practice the big sad eyes more. Works for me every time.
And hey, at least your wife follows you. Mine just rolls her eyes and pats me on the head!