Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey, I'm a Blogger!

After less than careful consideration I have decided to follow my daughter's lead and start a blog of my very own. Can the world stand another amateur's lame attempt at humor and commentary? Since the only ones who will ever read this are almost certainly some family and friends (and I'll be spending most of my time making fun of them) the answer is probably not. Oh Joy.

I plan to muse about many, many things;

Weightlifting. I'm only a recovering Meathead. I still lose my mind from time to time.

Bicycles, my current passion. See meathead above.

Poltics. No matter how many times I get spanked I still have a perverse inclination to opine occasionally. This will undoubtedly be the source of many a comeuppance. That's ok, I'm nothing if not easy.

Dogs. We currently have 2 brain dead Black Labs. One is blind and deaf. The other isn't. They're both old. Like me.

Guns. Yes I am an evil gun owner.

Corvettes. Remember that online dating commercial where the greasy guy pulls up in his red vette with the license plate 'THERICK' then goes running when the (male) hero introduces himself as THERICK's date thereby saving the Damsel in Distress from a Fate Worse Than Death? I love that guy.

Retiring, Life in General and the pratfalls of turning 50. Yes I meant to say pratfalls. One must find humor where one can.

Friends and family. No group of people are a better source of humor than friends and family. I'm always ready to embarrass all and sundry for a cheap laugh.

Anything else that strikes my fancy and my fancy is pretty striking.

I love a good argument and I can take as well as I give. Providing everyone is civil. Or at least funny. Betting on outcomes is always an option, providing the bet is for something embarrassing. Good fun that and I always pay off. For proof go see my daughter's blog wherein I make an ass of myself and pay off in a public way.

A word about the name. I find that the world is filled with Constipated Weasels (CW's for future reference). They seem to mostly prefer the dark, dank environs of politics but really, they can be found anywhere and everywhere. Government, business, the grocery store, carnivals. Everywhere. I've met my fair share of them, mostly at work, but that's a blog for another day. The point is that they're numbers are vast and increasing at an exponential rate. (Ha! I used exponential in a sentence. Score!) They must be identified and stopped at all costs. Or at least pointed and laughed at. I plan to point and laugh whenever I can.

I love to write. I'm an action type guy in life who has a secret desire to be an artist. I dabble with stories as the muse strikes me and I'll be using this space to try some of them on you when I run out of other, better ideas. That's me, lazy as hell.

Married, 1 child, 2 grandkids and maybe 3 friends. The humor pool is looking kinda shallow. I may have to revert to outright fabrication.

I am decidedly non PC. I will be discussing 'Chick Stuff'' so be prepared.

I love cartoons. Old Warner Brothers (the pre PC ones where you actually see the anvil fall. Wile E. Coyote is pure genius), South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons, et al and ad nauseum. Love 'em. Rotted my brain many years ago and I don't care. I'm still a 6 year old at heart. Just ask my wife.

Ok. enough with the intro stuff. I'll post again tomorrow. Or the next day. Soon for sure and it will be funny. Probably.

I swear.


Doohickie said...

Welcome to blogging. I'll be watching you.

8- |

Gramps said...

Yeah it's me Gramps. I think I figured it out after you set me squared me away.
This is also my first so take it easy with me.

eric said...

Thaanks for checking out the blog Pop. I gotta get you on as a guest poster.