Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Dance

I've said publicly and repeatedly that I was going to make 100 miles this month. Only problem was that as of this morning I had 67 with 4 days left. Oops.

Well, Lu and I decided to try for a new personal best. We went 12 miles on a nice ride last week so that was the mark to beat.

We decided to ride the recreation trail. Now if you've ever been to the Monterey area you're familiar with our Rec Trail. It's a nice, asphalt path, wide and smooth. It runs along the coast from Pacific Grove to Marina. I've ridden it a lot but we've never tried to ride it for distance before. It tends to attract a lot of walkers (many with dogs, big and small) but on weekdays it's not too bad. If you visit, bring your patience but also bring your bike.

We started in the parking lot of the Monterey Beach Hotel, a nice place right on the beach. We went to Asilomar and back. The ride took us through Monterey and Pacific Grove. Along the beach front and along the coast. Total distance?

15 miles.
Woo Hoo! A new personal best for Lu and I. My mileage is now at a more manageable 82 miles. Only 18 from my goal. I'm now even more impressed with those of you who regularly do 100 miles in a week, weekend or even in one ride. Bunch of showoffs.

I think I really am gonna make it.

I am so happy I will now do the Dance of Joy.


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Doohickie said...

As a hundred-mile-a-week guy, let me be the first to congratulate you. You can do it; I know you can.

(I think I do a hundred miles a week or so, but I don't know becuase I ride naked- no instruments.)